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The company's products mainly include: PU (polyurethane) insulation door,

PU library door, to undertake a variety of cold storage system engineering.

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Company Profile

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Changzhou Yourshine Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd., established in 1996, is a first-class cold storage insulation materials manufacturer and a cold storage energy-saving program supplier. Our products included PU insulation panel, PIR insula­tion panel, rock wool sandwich panel, roof sandwich panel, exteri­or wall insulation sandwich panel, and other insulation panels, all kinds of cold storage insulation doors, and industrial unloading platform. Yourshine has obtained qualifications for air-conditioning and electromechanical installation, qualification for pressure pipeline installation, contracting qualification far waterproof and anti-corro­sion insulation projects, and safety production license. So that Yourshine has the construction capacity of various cold chain distributions, cold storage, mushroom storage and other projects.

Yourshine focuses on the field of cold storage insulation materials and cold storage structure research and development, After years of development, Yourshine has expanded its scale. At present, we have 28 management staffs, 50 technicians and more than 500 producing and installation staffs. Two production bases have been built: Luoyang Yuqiao Plant Zone and Luoyang Industrial Park Plant Zone, with a total area of more than 100,000 m' Based on international market, we have set up an operation center in Shanghai.

In 2017, we introduced the most advanced third-generation automatic continuous production line in domestic and international, which greatly improved the quality and production supply capacity. In 2018, Yourshine introduced a second latest environ­ment friendly automated continuous production line, the annual production capacity reached more than 350 million square meters, 10000 sets cold storage doors, 1500 sets ind us­trial unloading platforms, to meet the various needs of customers.

Yourshine has continuously invested capital to introduce advanced equipment and talents staffs to improve our company's development level to meet the ever-changing development needs of our customers. We had won more than 40 patents. In 2009, we were awarded "Jiangsu Province Quality Trustworthy Enterprise" , in 2010, we were awarded "Jiangsu Province Star Enterprise"; In 2013 we were awarded "Changzhou Famous Brand"; In 2014, we set up "Large Refrigeration Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center", with independent national standard testing capabilities, including fire performance, oxygen index, compressive strength, thermal conductivity, etc. Yourshine is in advanced with detection capabilities in China. 

In 2021, the new plant in the industrial park was implemented, and Jiangsu Yuexian technology was established, stepping into the field of new material development; The "Yourshine Intelligent Preservation Equipment Industry Research Institute" was jointly established with Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences to jointly promote the development of intelligent preservation technology. The company is booming in the direction of collectivization, diversification and joint-stock system.

From 2013 to 2021,Yourshine was awarded "High-growth Industrial Enteprise" and "High-tech Entepise" by the government.

Over the years,Yourshine has made great development in various market areas and constructed a large number of influential cold storage projects: includes Wanwei Clod Chain Chengdu,Xi'an,Jinan cold chain logistics park,Guangdong supply and marketing Tianye cold chain logistics project,Yiwu Comprehensive Bonded Zone cold storage project,Shanghai Achen Supply Chain,Shanghai Bright Group,Tianjin Jiesheng Donghui Aksu,Zhejiang Xingxing Xuzhou Suining intelligent cold storage,Beijing Construction Engineering TongZhou port logistics distribution center,Yupei supply chain (Kunming, Bacheng) logistics distribution center,Guangming Senyuan (Shanghai, Hebei) edible fungus production base,Shandong Hengxin Zoucheng edible fungus production base, Zhongxing mushroom industry (Wuhe, Wuwei) edible fungus production base, Jiangsu fresh Lianyungang edible fungus production base,ect.Yili Group, China Resources Suguo, Zhengming  Modern International, KFC,SF Cold Chain, Nanjing Medicine, Haidilao hot pot,Shanghai Medicine, Beijing Halla Mountain, Haisheng Fruit Industry, Shandong Hengxin, Fresh Hema, Alibaba Group, Jingdong Group and other well-known companies are our customers.

While making achievements, the company did not forget its social responsibility, was enthusiastic about public welfare and charity, donated to education, and was awarded the title of "the third most loving dedication Award for charity" by the government; The chairman of the company was also awarded the titles of "20-year leader of China's cold chain logistics", "annual person of cold chain science and technology contribution" and "excellent entrepreneur". In 2021, he was selected as the highest honor of China's cold chain industry "China cold chain Hall of fame".

Yourshine promise" Keeping the World Fresh" as the business mission, and uphold "Win Market by Innovation, Forge Reputation by Quality, Service to Create Value" as the business philosophy. "To Create More Value for Customers is Yourshine's eternal goal. Yourshine will provide you with the best products and the most complete service to achieve a bright future with you together.

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